School Uniform

Orchard Grove Primary School is Sun Smart, therefore all children are required to wear a hat in Term 1 and in Term 4, and other times when the UV rating is 3 or above. It is recommended that students take their hats in their school bags during Terms 2 and 3.

We encourage all children to take pride in their school by wearing the school uniform.

The School logoed Bomber Jacket, Hoodie or Winter Jacket can be worn with all uniform combinations.


Shorts – navy
Logoed Polo shirt – navy or jade

Dress – blue/white & green check
Logoed Polo shirt – navy or jade
Navy blue shorts / skorts
Please Note: Leggings are not part of the school uniform. Bike shorts can only be worn under the summer dress. No tights or skivvies are to be worn with the summer dress.

Logoed bucket hats must be worn at recess and lunchtimes in Term 1 and Term 4. 


Tracksuit pants/shorts – navy
Logoed Polo Shirt (short/long sleeve) – navy or jade

Tracksuit pants/ shorts/ skort – navy
Logoed Polo Shirt (short/long sleeve) – navy or jade
Tunic with logoed long sleeve polo – navy (navy tights can be worn with tunics and skorts)

Shoes & socks

Shoe options are black school shoes or black, white, or navy runners. Variations of those colours are also acceptable for example white runners with navy stripe, black runners with white stripes.

Socks must only be navy or white

Shoelaces must match shoes or be in the same variety of colours as the shoes.

No open-toed shoes are permitted. 

House T-shirts

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green (these tops can be worn on the student’s PE days and special sports days).

**For health and safety reasons only stud earrings are allowed and shoulder length hair should be tied back with hair ties either in the school colours or to match hair colour. 

**Please label all items of uniform clearly.

For more details please see the School Uniform Policy on the Policies Page. 

Uniform Orders

Orders are filled once a week on a Thursday. All orders must be received by 9:30am on Thursdays.
You can email or send your orders to the office and items will be sent home with your child.
Please ensure order forms are filled out clearly and have payment details. 
Emails can be sent to

Uniform Order Form