2020 Staff

Principal: Glenda Harry
Assistant Principals: Leeanne King and Michelle Ogilvie

Business Manager: Dee Cooper

Office Manager: Kathy Broadbent

First Aid Officer: Kaye Brydson

Office Staff: Evelyn Lowe and Leonie Branson

Proessional Learning Communities Coordinator: Charlee Patrick

Foundation: Abbey Cox (Coordinator), Cherry Montgomery, Emily Dean, JoAnne Francis and Adriana Trikolas

Year 1: Samantha Kwong (Coordinator), Jen Males, Charlotte Pemberton, Kathy Costaras, Suzanne Lichtenauer

Year 2: Tahnee Ramsay (Coordinator), Emily Fox, Tegan Cant, Toby Keen, Melissa Crozier/Amanda Buivids

Year 3: Bianca Seymour (Coordinator), Glenn Tooth, Sally Fyfield, Caitlin Conroy, Gemma Jamieson (Year 3/4),

Year 4: Aidan Quinn (Coordinator), Kym Morgan, Kate Jackson, Buni Hasvong, Gemma Jamieson (Year 3/4).

Year 5: Matt Anthony (Coordinator), Natalie Phillips, Natalie Derrick, Emma Thompson.

Year 6: Rosie Campbell (Coordinator), Mandie Jeeves, Erin Ward, Karen Horvat

Specialists: Georgia Syme (Coordinator and Art), Gina Mets (Performing Arts), Jarrod Liston (Phys Ed), Ruth Thatcher and Charmaine Mason (Library), Natalia Thomas (Spanish), Andrea Halden (English as an Additional Language)