Respectful Relationships

Have we forgotten how to make friends?

In the classroom

For this activity, and in small groups, students had to rate how serious certain scenarios were (from 1 to 10). Students then had to think about which problems they could solve easily by themselves, and which ones they would require a friend or adult/teacher to help them. Scenarios ranged from losing their pencil to seeing their baby brother with a spider in his mouth. We then shared each group’s answers, and gave the scenarios an average score. It helped show the children how many problems could be solved independently, along with highlighting when it is essential that help is sought from an adult. We also had a respectful discussion around different views/scores and why they may have varied between groups and individuals.









Gender Stereotypes: Are you getting the message?

Poster Resource: “It’s OK to feel…”

Bullying . No Way! Website/Resources

The website & organisation behind the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence has developed a four part mini-series that unpacks bullying. This first video explores the national definition of bullying for Australian schools:

The second video looks at one of the main features of bullying, the misuse of power in relationships.

The third of four in the ‘What is bullying?’ series of short animations, this video looks at one of the main features of bullying, that it is ongoing and repeated.

The fourth of four in the ‘What is bullying?’ series of short animations, this video looks at one of the main features of bullying, behaviours that can cause harm.

Let Books be Books!

Some really valid points are raised in this article. You only need to walk down the aisles of a book shop to see how gendered children’s books often are.

The Importance of Inclusion

This article highlights the importance of inclusion in our community. Whether that be in the media, at school, in the playground, or just in our everyday interactions with each other.

There’s also another important article about inclusive education:

More information can be found at:

Year 3 Character Strengths Activity

At the start of Term 3, the Year 3 classes completed a fun activity from the Respectful Relationships Resources. It was a fun game of pass the parcel where, under each layer, was a character strength card. When the music stopped on a student, they had to read out the character strength card they had just unwrapped, and then provide an example of a time when they’ve shown that character strength. It was a lot of fun! Afterwards, students explaining times they had displayed each strength, and then chose one to focus on developing during the term.

Great video celebrating the message that “Everyone’s Welcome” and we have more in common than we think

“How movies teach manhood” TEDx Talk


This simple comic strip raises a very valid point

This video explains the core ideas behind Respectful Relationships

An interesting experiment that really makes you think about the stereotypes that have ‘the norm’

“Just Breathe” video:

Filmmaker comments: “The inspiration for “Just Breathe” first came about a little over a year ago when I overheard my then 5-year-old son talking with his friend about how emotions affect different regions of the brain, and how to calm down by taking deep breaths — all things they were beginning to learn at their new school. As a filmmaker, I am always interested in finding a subject worthy of filming, and I felt strongly that Mindfulness was a necessary concept to communicate visually. Thankfully my husband, who happens to be my filmmaking partner, agreed. We made “Just Breathe” with our son, his classmates and their family members one Saturday afternoon. The film is entirely unscripted – what the kids say is based purely on their own neuro-scientific understanding of difficult emotions, and how they cope through breathing and meditation.”

Word use in advertising for boys and girls

These are some really interesting images that highlight the difference in word choices for advertisements aimed at boys and girls. It’s great to challenge these stereotypes wherever possible!









Cultural Diversity in AFL

This video is of AFL Multicultural Community Ambassador, Avtar, talking about his passion for football and his involvement with creating new Essendon District Football League club, the Hume Bombers.

This video, another in the 2018 series, tells the story of 18-year-old Brisbane Lions footballer Reuben William’s journey through footy. The William family is of South Sudanese heritage and migrated to Australia from Kenya as refugees in 2003.

This is also a great video to remind us all about how far AFL has come over the past year with the ever-growing AFLW.

Respectful Relationships Resources

The video we watched at the whole-school Assembly on the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. More details can be found at

Great resources from the new campaign aimed at parents/carers. More details can be found HERE

An interesting video from Norway. “But… we did the same job?”. Children beautifully REJECT the gender pay gap in heart-warming experiment:

Let’s change the story. More details available at