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Unfortunately the school phone lines are down due to some severe damage last week with the storms.
It is currently being worked on and we have been advised that they are doing the best they can to have them working ASAP.
If you need to contact us please email or on this interim mobile number 0478 284 302.  We apologise for this inconvenience.
  • perm_contact_calendarUpcoming events November:
    • 14th –       Year 2 Rings Excursion
    • 15th –       Zooper Dooper Stall
    • 16th –       Twilight Working Bee – 4-6pm
    • 20th –       Year 1 Edendale Excursion
    • 22nd –       Year 1 Afternoon Tea
    • 26th –       Year 6 Science Incursion
    • 27th –       Year 6 Science Incursion
    •           –      Parent Helper Morning Tea 10.45am
    • 28th –       Foundation Zoo excursion
    • 29th –       Foundation Zoo excursion
    •          –        Zooper Dooper Stall


  • perm_contact_calendarUpcoming events December:
    • 3rd – 14th:    – Swimming Program – Foundation – Year 5
    • 4th:    – No swimming
    • 7th:    – No Assembly
    • 11th:   – Year 6 Transition Day
    • 12th:    – OGPS Christmas Carols
    • 13th:   – Last Uniform Shop for 2019
    • 14th:   – No assembly
    •               – Last Canteen for 2019
    • 17th:   – Topsy Turvy Day – Fundraiser for State School Relief
    • 18th:    – Year 6 Graduation
    • 19th:    – Year 6 Funfields excursion
    • 20th:   – Assembly – 11.15am
    •               – END TERM 4 – 1.00pm dismissal
    • 21st:    – Curriculum Day

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Back in the early 1990s Orchard Grove was originally an amalgamation of four primary schools so we have a very rich history. We are fortunate to have such amazing grounds, being surrounded by not only fantastic sporting grounds but beautiful parkland as well. As a result of our extensive grounds we have a very peaceful and tranquil setting that promotes positive physical and passive play.

Principal - Ms Glenda Harry

In the classrooms...

Respectful Relationships

Orchard Grove Primary School is passionate about implementing the Respectful Relationships initiative. This initiative is delivered by the Victorian Government and teaches our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.

Diwali Celebration

We had a wonderful day!

Foundation Transition 2018

Transition this week